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Celebrations are another mode of learning and are an important custom at Srinivasa Public School. Celebrating various religious festivals and important days gives students the opportunities to view and understand more about cultures different from their own. Students develop respect and open-mindedness for other cultures through these celebrations. Color days are also given importance. Each class holds a celebration incorporating drama, art, storytelling etc. Celebrations give students an opportunity to engage with their peer group as learners, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment. The children host events, conduct choirs and contribute in various other modes.

Excursion & FIELD VISITS

We feel that Excursion & Field trips are important because it gives students a chance to learn hands on. Also, travelling will give them a chance to see different places and learn new things up close and personal. Field trips bring classroom study alive for students and help them remember and relate to what they have learned as a part of their theme or curriculum. Hands-on activities are done before, during and after their visit to link their visit experience to their classroom curriculum through worksheets. At Srinivasa Public School, we find connections with the site related to the theme or the curriculum. We also create a worksheet that prompts students to draw, write responses, and answer questions related to the visit. After the visit, we allow the students to synthesize their experience creatively or they might present their experience orally.

Srinivasa School