Rules & Regulations at Srinivasa Public School

School Fee

We work with our members to promote and preserve the quality, diversity and excellence in the field of education

Fee payment:

Students attending classes for a part or a term must pay the tuition fee for the whole term.

On no account will a Transfer Certificate be given to a student whose fees have not been fully paid.

Fees or any other payment once made will not be refunded.

The Fee structure comprises of Tuition Fees, Computer fees and Smart class fees.

For further details contact school office on 9360612255.

Dress Code

Girls with long hair should part it and make two plaits tucking with white ribbon. Make up of any kind is strictly prohibited. Hats, caps, Sweat bands and sun glasses should not be worn in the school campus. Use of Jewelry is strictly prohibited.

Girls Boys
LKG – UKG – Frock LKG – V – Shirt + half trousers
STD I – V – Skirt + Shirt  
STD VI –X – Skirt + Shirt with overcoat VI – X – Shirt + Full Trousers
Black and Velcro shoes for grades I & II boys and girls.
Black shoes / cut shoes for girls from grade III.
Black shoes with lace for boys from grade III
White Canvas shoes for both boys & girls from grade III (During PET periods)
Srinivasa School

School Discipline

The welfare of the student is at the heart of the system. The disciplinary system at SRINIVASA public school is designed to ensure that the environment within the school is the one which gives all students the Opportunity to fully realize their potential and become physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger.

The Code of Conduct is as follows

  • Students should attend school regularly and should be punctual for both sessions of the daily classes.
  • Students who do not have a minimum of 75% of attendance will not be eligible to write the final examination or be promoted.
  • Attendance and participation at all curricular, co-curricular and physical activities are compulsory.
  • Any misconduct, disinclination to study and irregularity are sufficient reasons for asking the student to leave the school
  • For OUTPASS please meet the principal / class teacher
  • Learn to be punctual for assembly and classes.
  • Take pride in the school by keeping it litter and graffiti free.
  • Maintain decorum - Move around the school in an orderly fashion following the traffic flow direction.
  • All students are expected to develop camaraderie.
  • The aim of the disciplinary system is to act early in order to nip any misbehavior
Srinivasa School