Srinivasa Public School was conceptualized with the intention to ensure quality education that is affordable and consistent with the school vision of empowering the rural community. Right from the first day, onus has been to put in place an approach that is both holistic and inclusive in nature but firmly grounded in our cultural wisdom. Since its inception, we have tried to sustain this spirit of goodwill through meaningful efforts and interventions. The facilities that we offer truly underscore our passion in promoting the message of enlightenment that defines our motto – Knowledge is Progress.

In the days ahead, we have committed ourselves to develop and update the existing campus to create an environment of learning that is creative and aids personal discovery at every step of academic and emotional growth.

The vision of our institution is to make our students future perfect and make them ready to become global citizens to face all the challenges in the global arena. Our dream is to be unique and make our school a model school imparting quality education and excel in all activities including sports and games and to be an all-rounder when the child leaves the school after 12 years. Our specific aim is to impart our values and culture in the young minds of our wards so that they will be true patriot working for unity in diversity.

To conclude, I express my sincere thanks to all stake holders and parents for extending their kind CO-Operation THROUGHT THESE YEARS out this year and we look forward the same level of support in the years to come.

Srinivasa School

Thank you
Mr. R.Ravindran,