Annual Day 2018
Annual Day 2018
Education is what remains after one has forgotten
Education is what remains after one has forgotten

Welcome Srinivasa Public School

Welcome to SPS – a school committed to providing an outstanding educational experience, helping to groom a new generation of students to become the leaders of tomorrow with sound moral and ethical values SPS Strives to be the go-to institution for quality, which also emphasizes upon the strong values and teachings of Indian culture. The school provides ample opportunities for the holistic and all-round development of every child attending the school.
  • Admissions

    Visit the Admission Office and collect necessary forms or email to srinivasapublicschool@yahoo.com for applying online.Return the completed forms along with copies of previous two years' academic records. Alternatively submit online form and email the scanned copies of academic records.Office will inform about student assessment and parent interview dates.

  • Academics

    Emphasizes an academic program that develops critical thinking and problem solving strategies while meeting the needs of the child. Following a syllabus that has been carefully planned and frequently updated, there is a structure to the learning program along with ample flexibility leading to creativity, critical thinking and involvement in the subject scope to make each topic/ theme interesting and unique. This makes the learning process exciting and spontaneous.

  • Skilled Faculty

    The faculty is trained and counseled to look into every nuances of a child’s need. We focus on five outcomes that children and young people need for their growth and well-being

  • Infrastructure

    Providing a pragmatic child-centered environment that makes learning a joyful experience. The School is located at a prominent peaceful location. The school building and playground with greenery all around, the school campus is designed to cater to the needs of young, growing children. The school boasts of the most modern facilities. No efforts have been spared in creating an environment in which students are challenged to seek excellence academically, socially, physically, artistically, and spiritually.


School New & Events

Our Upcoming News and Events

School Academics

Emphasizes an academic program that develops critical thinking and problem solving strategies while meeting the needs of the child.

Pre Primary

courses available : UKG, PRE-KG

A stage when your toddler is curious about everything around him, we believe Pre-Primary education is all about stimulating the learner’s senses. Our infrastructure and our unique teaching methodology allows us to help children to develop their senses with interactive puzzles, group exercises and object manipulation supplemented with standard checks and basic tests to ensure progress.


Primary Syllabus

courses available : 1-5

At SPS, our primary school curriculum is planned as an extension of preprimary, focusing on all the developmental areas. SRINIVASA public school is a state of-the art/facilities, experienced staff and proprietary curriculum give the children an advantage where it counts.... their future SEED for students from 3rd to 5th XSEED is a proven and research based academic program for schools that builds thinking skills & problem solving confidence in children.

XSEED children ask more questions, can write in their own words, like doing word problems in mathematics, can complete their homework on their own, and are not afraid to speak in English, persist longer in solving problems, and score well on tests and it needn’t be said their confidence level is incomparable.


Middle School Syllabus

courses available : 6-10

Once children are given a taste of knowledge, their curiosity and yearning knows no bounds. They seek answers to all their questions. They sample different subjects to understand what they like the most. They experiment with different activities to discover where their interest lies. And they devour every source of information to pacify their hunger for learning.

This is the stage when it’s most important to develop a foundational knowledge that will help them scale the heights of success at the High School level.


Our Ways. Our Methods.

  • Academic
  • Sports & Extra Curricular Activities
  • Experiences

Emphasizes an Academic program that develops critical thinking and problem solving strategies throughout these crucial, formative academics years. our consistent effort is to prepare students for the real world. Students are encouragesd to question. hypothesize analyze and be creative

Preparing your students for the challenges of tomorrow

  • Teach Collaboration as a value and Skill set
  • Evaluate Information accuracy
  • Teach Tolerance
  • Help Students Learn through their strengths
  • use learning beyond the classroom
  • Teach Students to use their brain owners Manual
  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Curiosity and imagination



Color Dress

Saturday is Color dress for students from 1st to 3rd Grade



Admission Open for The Academic Year 2018/19

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